Fargo Event Venue

The Pines location, ambiance and charm makes it an ideal Fargo event venue.  It’s perfect for corporate events, family reunions, private parties and more.  The Pines staff will be hosting their own events, but will accommodate and host events for you as well.

The Pines Events Opportunities

What do people look for in the perfect event venue? Space is obviously a question. The Pines can serve small intimate affairs, but also large group events.  The look and feel is another important element people look for in a venue.  The Pines can be detailed perfectly for a high-end formal affair.  At the same time, the vision is flexible and can look completely different, yet beautiful when decorated for a more relaxed, cozy event.  The look and feel of this rural Fargo event venue is a timeless look that will last for years.

• Corporate Retreat
• Life Celebrations
• Family Gatherings
• Corporate Trainings
• Client Appreciation Banquet
• Club Dinners or Meetings
• Seminar Events
• Holiday Parties
• Vendor Shows

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