Pines BLACK Grand Opening

Pines Black Grand Opening


The Pines and Grain Designs teams are thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of the new Pines BLACK! 

Where: 4487 165th Ave SE Davenport, ND 58021
Featuring: Pines BLACK Grand Opening + Pines WHITE Open House 
When: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 


 In 2018, the Pines was founded with a passion for design and unique social experiences. Our mission is to provide exceptional and memorable event experiences that cultivate life’s biggest moments. 

 Please join us in celebrating the Grand Opening of Pines BLACK on Tuesday, June 7, 2022!

It is truly our pleasure to share this property with you, from the Pines and Grain Designs team alike, Be Our Guest! 

Modern industrial, barn-inspired, black exterior event venue with a 345-person capacity. Surrounded by trees and farmland, Pines BLACK offers a tranquil blank canvas for your dream wedding or event.  

Pines BLACK Reception Hall



Featuring high lofted white ceilings, exposed white brick columns, board and batten walls, and ample natural light to showcase the stunning architecture. Custom Grain Designs dining tables with metal black chairs showcase the perfect touch of modern and industrial finishes. 




Pines BLACK features an attached auxiliary space for your wedding ceremony or corporate presentation. The attached auxiliary hall features vaulted ceilings with custom Grain Designs grand entrance sliding barn doors, floor to ceiling windows, and padded white chairs for a clean white aesthetic. 

Pines BLACK Ceremony Hall
Pines BLACK Lounge & Suites





The 120 Lounge attached to Pines BLACK features an indoor golf simulator, gaming lounge with kitchenette, ample gathering space, and two private prep suites with en suite restrooms. 

Inspiring Memories

Make your big day unforgettable.

Inspiring Memories

Make your big day unforgettable.

A Historical Property with an Inspiring Future

Historical Fargo Area Farmstead


In 2018, The Pines was founded with a passion for design and unique social experiences. The Grain Designs Team had been renting the property’s “farm shop” for years prior and fell in love with the tranquility and rural freedoms the land offered. A decision was made to purchase the property in early 2018 and the team immediately began envisioning what the Pines could become. Months later, the Pines Weddings & Events was formed and Pines White was completed, hosting the first wedding on the property in September of 2018.

The Pines property has an optimistic future but also a storied past. Dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s, the property was previously the Kennedy Bonanza Farm. This farm was home to two massive horse barns, a workshop, a main farmhouse, workers’ lodging, and even a general store. Historic pictures provided by the previous owners are displayed below. “The Kennedy Bar” inside Pines White pays homage to the property’s past. “The 120 Bar” in Pines Black is a nod to the massive 120’x120’ draft horse barn that was once on the property where Pines Black sits today. Years later the property became a family farm that was passed down for generations until it was reimagined by Grain Designs to host unique weddings and events! 

It is truly our pleasure to share this property with you. The Grain Designs team has designed and crafted unique furniture and moments all over the property including many pieces in the farmhouse, Pines Black lounge, tables for both venues, sliding doors, custom signs, and more. We hope you enjoy the property as much as we have!

From the Grain Designs and Pines team alike, welcome and be our guest!

Historical Timelines

1876 – Northern Pacific owned railroad land near the property and the United States owned the surrounding land for homesteaders. In 1876, the Northern Pacific sold portions of the property to Thomas Nelson.

1879-1894 – The Woodruff Family owned the land.

1892 – The United States sold additional land near the property to Northern Pacific for accessibility to the railroad which allowed bonanza farms to develop.

1895-1908 – The Leech Family purchased the land from The Woodruff Family. 

1883 – Addison Leech sold the land to James Kennedy, a large construction contractor from Fargo. According to the book, “The Day of the Bonanza,” James Kennedy had no interest in managing the land but purchased it with the intention that it would provide feed and house his horses need in the construction industry. While James Kennedy owned the property, he built two massive horse barns, a workshop, the main house, worker lodging, and even a general store. It is reported that at this time, The Kennedy Farm was home to the largest horse barn in the state, 120’ x 120’ housing up to 180 horses.

1883 – 1927 – James Kennedy and his heirs owned and operated the property known as The Kennedy Farm.

1928 – 1935 – The Lepird Family purchased the property during the downturn of the Bonanza. 

1935 – 1947 – The Ekre Family

1947-1960 – The Benson Brothers

1960 – Delmer & Ardell Schulz 

1960 – 2018 – The Schultz Family purchased the property and surrounding farmland operating as a family farm for nearly sixty years. Many of the buildings currently on the property are a product of the Schultz generational farming operations.

2013 – Grain Designs, a Fargo, ND-based furniture company was founded by Grant Koenig and Blain Mikkonen and opened in their apartment garage. The founders began crafting premium quality furniture with the goal of providing unique designs, exceptional quality products, and noteworthy customer service.

2014 – The Grain Designs Team had to opportunity to expand their operations and rent a farm shop southwest of Fargo. The unique property was the perfect rural location for Grain Designs to grow, and hit golf balls around the yard!

2015 – Grain Designs moved all production to the Schultz ‘farm shop.’ The Grain Designs Team referred to the property ‘the Pines’ to differentiate the farm from their two other existing shop locations.

2018 – Grain Designs purchased the property from The Schultz Family and immediately began reimagining and planning how the property could be used. Replicating similar values held by Grain Designs, the Pines Weddings & Events concept was developed with great attention to detail, a well-designed venue, and noteworthy service in mind. Business plans and Pines White construction began soon after! In Fall 2018, the Pines Weddings & Events neared completion of its first venue and successfully hosted the properties first wedding!

2021 – After hosting hundreds of weddings and events in Pines White during the first three years, and winning multiple awards, the Grain Designs and Pines Teams announced the Pines expansion project that included the creation of Pines Black and site-wide property improvements!

Pines Black Grand Opening
Pines BLACK Ceremony Hall

2022 – The Pines: Pines Black Grand Opening